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zX Coven Page
Zealot Xanadu Coven

Zealot Xanadu is an online coven in the myspace application Bloodlines. We are developed around three main principles, Unity, Sharing Knowledge and Friendship. Individual zX members may be powerful but this personal power pales in comarison to a united front. By sharing what we know with each other we enhance each other's capabilities on all fronts. To learn more about zX and our methods it is important to understand where we came from. The coven was developed to be a group of friends with a common interest, namely Bloodlines and being successful in it. The first members came from one area, Florida, and all were friends outside of Myspace and Bloodlines. Over time the membership grew to include people who were met through Bloodlines and grew close. Initially there were no real rules in zX, everyone just built their stats and developed alongside each other as a group. Friendships formed, grew and evolved and changed growing into what zX is today. With changes such as growth of the coven, rules and a system to govern the ever increasing member basis was necessitated and our heirarchy established.

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