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The Heirarchy of zX was based loosely around a neo-feudal system developed for White Wolf's Vampire: The Requiem role-playing game.

Lord There is one Lord, the ruler of the coven, responsible for the overall well-being and governing of the group. The Lord is the final word on all matters regarding zX including but not limited to, membership, rule changes, heirarchy and positions, alliances and declarations of war.

Seneschal The Seneschal is the right hand of the Lord. The duties of the Seneschal are the same as the Lord and the word of the Seneschal carries with it that of the Lord. They can only be removed from their position by the Lord AND a majority vote of the Primogen Council.

Primogen The Primogen are the council of zX. They are responsible for taking any complaints to the Seneschal or the Lord for resolution that involve the coven on a large scale. The Primogen have each a number of members they are responsible for and also convene as a council to advise the Lord or Senechal upon request. They can be removed from their position by the Lord and the Seneschal or by a majority vote of the coven called by the other four Primogen. There are five Primogen. This is the only position which allows a member to choose their own successor and then only if they are leaving the position on good terms.

PriscusThe Prisci are the coven elders they have been in zX longer than the rest of the members. They are the ones to go to for advice on everything zX and the ones to complain to about individual members. As this position is unofficial it can be claimed by those zX members who feel they have been around long enough to claim it.So long as the rest of the coven acknowledge the claim it stands.

Archon The Archon is a position designed to give intelligence to the Lord and Seneschal. The Archon does not answer to the Primogen, they are outside of the chain of command. They can be removed from their position only by the Lord or Seneschal. The Archon may choose to divulge information to the Primogen at their own judgement or may choose to withhold it exclusively for the Lord of Seneschal. The Archon may attend Primogen meetings.

Harpy The Harpies are the pimpers and recruiters of zX. They can bring up membership issues to Primogen, Prisci, The Seneschal and the Lord. They are also the first step to resolving inner coven member to member issues and can act as mediators between two coven-mates to help resolve issues before they can turn into larger issues. Since this position is largely unofficial and based primarily upon the respect of fellow coven-mates Harpies may change faster than any other position in the coven depending on popular opinion.

Ambassador The Ambassador of zX is responsible for dealing with inter-coven issues. They must maintain our alliances and learn about potential threats to the coven. Sometimes the Ambassador will work with the Archon in order to ferret out threats to the coven, other times they will write treaties which will be brought to other covens. All alliances must be approved to the Lord of zX before going into effect. All terms must be signed by both parties entering into the treaty.

Herald The Heralds are the voice of the Council. Decisions reached by the Primogen, Lord and Seneschal are passed to the rest of the coven via the Heralds. The Heralds do not vote on the council (though they may be present during meetings), simply deliver the verdict of the Primogen to the coven.

Hounds The Hounds are the Lord's claws and fangs. They are dispatched to kill. Simple, effective. Banks and Hunters make up the Hounds.

Knights The defenders of the coven. Knights have differeing approached when dealing with threats. Some will prefer diplomacy before action, some will let their attacks do the talking. They are the ones who deal with those who would disrespect the coven, attack it's members or it's allies. Lister/Riders, Banks and Hunters are the core of the Knights.

Primogen Council Only
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