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Pimp (general) To pass a URL to one's clan to help the other build numbers

Beta (general) A vampire on any account not designed to be the primary character played

Baby (general) A secondary account used to hunt/ride or experiment without altering the nature of the main account

Rider (general) A vampire who is placed on the hit list on purpose to attain a high win count by relying on their defense to win battles

Lister (general) A vampire with a large bank dedicated to listing enemies or riders

Bank (general) A vampire solely made to draw in blood from companions

Hunter (general) A vampire made to defeat others by attacking them, generally they have low defense scores

Hunter-Lister (general) A player who lists those that attempt to claim a bounty placed on them through the hit list. This is generally frowned upon in Bloodlines

ID number (general) The myspace ID number (also the bloodlines ID number) of an account, generally used for either listing the person or clanning up with them.

Wall (general) The stat page of a character, specifically the message board therein

Clannie (general) Any vampire who is in the clan of another and therefore able to see one another in broadcast (sometimes) and be unable to cause the other direct harm. Needed to purchase most companions.

Coven (general) A group of players who watch out for each other with the same symbol noting their allegiance to each other

Runner (zX Specific) A beta used to garner favor points for the Main prior to playing the Main on an account

Running (zX Specific) Using a runner to complete missions, buy powers, win fights, enhance stats in order to garner favor points.

Main (general) 1. The vampire used as the primary on an account 2. The main (usually the first) account used by a player

Tag (general) To leave a message warning others against attacking a specific page

Rip (zX specific) To claim a bounty from the hit list

Ripper (zX specific) A vampire who targets only those on the hit list to attack, never the fight list. Specifically those hunters who can bring down a rider alone with one round of chi.

Bot (general) A vampire set to automatically act through either a script or program usually used to self-attack with a weaker character in conjuction with healing the stronger character to attain wins quickly (see stat-padding)

Stat-padding (general) Any action which unfairly increases the wins/kills/bounty count of a vampire (listing bounties and catching them, riding the hit list using a bot, attacking ones own vampire with a weaker vampire). This is generally frowned upon in Bloodlines.

List (general) 1. The hit list 2. to place a target on the hit list

Add me (general) Leaving ones url or ID number on the walls other others in the hopes that they will add you to their clans. This is considered to be spam by many players though not all.

Add train (general) a list of urls passed in the broadcast (b/c) which people add their own to and re-distrubute in the hopes of gaining additional clan members. A form of pimping.

Spuko (general) a website designed to allow players of various applications on myspace to find each other and add to their clan to increase their numbers.

Bloodlines Wiki (general) A site developed by Delano the Knife, a Bloodlines player to give information on all facets of the application.

Perma-grave (general) to keep a target in the grave either by listing them repeatedly or by making them de-app

De-app (general) to uninstall the application on one's myspace page. Blood continues to build from companions but the character does not heal.

Hybrid (general) A character with both attack and defense built to be decent at both for an overall gaming experience. No match for hunters when defending and incapable of delivering enough damage to a rider to consintently rip them, hybrids are best against average characters.

Pay-pal vamp (general) a vampire with many cabal-purchased abilities which makes them stronger than the average vampire of their level. Generally frowned upon.

Page-party (general) a gathering of multiple players on the stat page of a single target with the intent of listing and killing the target repeatedly.