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Rule within the zX coven are made through either a vote of the Inner Circle or made by the Lord. Rules, once made will stand uncontested for 60 days. After this time the rule can be contested and put up for a second vote to have the rule revised or removed. All rule revisions will be put on the zX coven website on this page with the date of resolution posted next to them for all to see. Breaking rules can result in numerous punishments. The punishments for each rule being broken will be made by the Primogen. If someone is found guilty of breaking any of the rules they will be given the chance to speak on their own behalf before a decision is made regarding the punishment for the offense.

Section 1 Coven-wide rules (general)

1. All members are subject to the rules set herein.

2. Membership in zX is a priviledge, not a right. it can be revoked at the sole discretion of the Lord or Seneschal of zX or by unanimous Primogen council vote

3. We are a family of honor, loyalty and respect. We do not bully the weak for no reason.

4. zX membership comes before all other endeavors in Bloodlines. Family first in matters of loyalty. Family before clan.

5. Membership to zX can be attained in three ways:

i) Majority vote by the clan. This requires five zX acting as sponsors for the vampire requesting to join. These sponsors will be responsible for the training of the new member and for their actions for the first sixty (60) days of their membership. There must be a one week warning given via email as per standard policy giving the coven time to vote.
a) We are invite only so the person shouldn't be told that we are considering them until the decision is made. To get the referrals, simply post the name and stats of the recruit on the board under the Recruitment Post and wait to see if they get the necessary vouches for membership. This way they are not left hanging and we can discuss why they would or would not make a good member.
b) Leadership reserves the right to overrule any votes made to accept someone. The members still need to be cleared through one of us. This is just in order to be considered as potential members.
c) Those that vouch will be responsible for the actions of the initiated member, so take care who you bring through our doors.

ii) Entry via the word of the Lord. A trainer will be assigned. (People requesting membership will not be considered.)

iii) Unanimous vote of the Primogen Council. A Primogen must sponsor and train the new member and this method must be cleared with the Seneschal or Lord prior to the vote being cast.


7. Age limit for zX membership is 18 unless parental consent is given. Even then the age limit is determined by the terms and conditions of Myspace and Nightfall Bloodlines.

Section 2 Membership responsibilities

1. Members are responsible for adding the entire coven to their clan.

2. Members are responsible for protecting other members at all times.

3. Members will pimp each others url/ID number upon request.

4. Members will tag the pages of other members frequently, letting others see that we patrol the pages of our own.

5. Members will fly the zX flag on their pic (this flag is provided by the coven).

6. Members will wear the zX tag on their name unless authorized to keep an old account active as their main zX vampire.

7. Members will not roleplay/cybersex/engage in lewd behaviour/post nude pics while on their zX accounts.

8. Members will not publically argue, we have chatrooms, email and a posting board to help keep dirty laundry from the eyes of others.

9. zX members will not slander their fellow members. Any accusations require evidence to be upheld.

10. Members will attempt to join in any meetings set for the clan.

11. Members will vote on all issues brought to their attention by the Primogen, Seneschal or Lord in a timely fashion.

12. Members are responsible for creation and maintenance of at least one bank. Blood can be requested from other members if needed and will be provided if possible.

13. Members will adhere to the terms of conduct of both myspace and bloodlines while on their zX accounts.

14. NO VAMPIRE not in zX may wear the zX tag without retribution in the form of being a permanent chew toy on as many accounts as zX can find.

Section 3 Other coven relations

1. zX has 2 types of pacts we make for mutual protection of our members and those of other covens:

i) Non-aggression pact: This pact simply means that the covens agree to leave each other to their own devices. Members will not attack the other coven unless the are on the hit list. Members are not required to protect the other coven or give them any information that could benefit the other unless specified by the pact. Members are encouraged to clan with those of the other coven but this is not required either. This pact is valid for 90 days on it's initiation whereupon either coven may decide to withdraw at any point thereafter.

ii) Mutual defense pact: All coven members of both covens are required to clan up to prevent any accidental hostilities. If one coven goes to war, both do. All members of both covens are required to protect the members of the other if there is trouble of any sort unless the problem is directly caused by the actions of the one needing help. These pacts last the duration of the covens existence.

2. Only the Lord of zX can authorize any pact with another coven or the pact formed is null and void.

3. Breaking a pact requires the agreement of the ruling body of the coven in question and the Lord of zX. Unless it is within the first 90 days and the pact is a Non-aggression pact.

4. Declarations of war on another coven can be made by a unanimous vote by the Primogen and the Seneschal OR the Lord of zX.

5. If a war is declared all members of zX must de-clan all members of the other coven within 72 hours of the declaration and thereafter must participate in the destruction of the other coven until a cease fire is requested by the coven we are at war with.

6. In the case of war between covens we are allied with, zX agrees to take no action beneficial to either side other than pimping members of both or mediating a cease fire if requested by the ruling body of either ally.

Section 4 Voting on issues

1. All votes going to the coven as a whole MUST be sent via email 1 week (seven calendar days) prior to the day of the counting of the vote.

2. All members have the right to vote on membership issues and rule REVISION (changes to existing laws). New laws may be enacted by the Lord with no warning at any time.

3. Votes will be done through this webpage and will be confidential. Only the Lord and Seneschal will have access to the votes.

4. One vote per player for coven wide votes. NOT one vote per vampire played/account.

5. ALL results of EVERY vote will be displayed on the webpage for all to reference and to act as precedents where applicable. Each result will have the date it was voted on next to it for the purpose of both establishment of timeline for members going from training to fully active status and for the 60 day waiting period for the revision of rules.

Section 5 Member behavior

1. zX members will not:

i) list a hunter for trying to claim a bounty set on them unless the bounty is taken by someone at war with zX.

ii) attempt to start a war with another coven without consulting first with the Lord of zX.

iii) disrepect another zX member publically, disrespect the coven to outsiders or do anything to damage the good name of zX as a group or it's individuals.

iv) engage in activities known to be against zX policy.

v) give out coven sensitive information to those not in zX.

vi) use a bot to 'pad' their stats. If you can't get wins with your vampire, talk to another member for help.

2 zX members are required to:

i) wear the zX tag or fly the zX banner on all zX accounts.

ii) assist each other when aid is requested in any matter pertaining to bloodlines if possible.

iii) grow their vampire in terms of power and stats to the best of their ability.

iv) give over to the Archon any and all information gathered about any perceived threats from any source domestic or foreign.

v) tag the pages of their fellow coven mates with protection tags or simply with friendly comments.

vi) attend any meetings called if possible (real life issues come first, this is a game, we understand that).

vii) attempt to better the coven with every action, the more we work together on this, the better it will be for all of us.

Reporting issues with other players

1. Issues with another coven mate will be brought to your priscus for resolution.

2. Issues with a non-zX player can be brought to a Knight for resolution.

3. Issues with a ranked zX member (primogen, knight, priscus, archon) can be brought to the Seneschal for resolution.

4. Issues with the Seneschal can be brought to the Lord of zX for resolution.

5. Issues with the Lord will be discussed with him directly and may be done at the request of the agrieved in front of the Council or in private.

6. All issues will be kept within zX. All parties agree to abide by the decision set forth by the requested mediator. If for any reason the decision is called into question on the grounds of favoritism or seemingly being unfair to either party the next step up may be addressed. Example, if your issue is with another member, you have gone to the priscus and feel they did not handle the issue impartially, you may then go to the Seneschal or the Lord.

7. If allowable and the affront is between 2 zX members the following applies: State your cases here to have leadership handle inner coven issues for you. This is done to keep issues within the coven where it belongs. By posting here you are agreeing to allow zX leadership have the final say in your disputes. Punishment meted out will be one or more of the following:

i. Removal from zX

ii. Being placed as a chew toy for the rest of the coven (between 1 hour and 1 week)

iii. Suspension of zX protection (publicly)

iv. Deaths between 1 and 1000

v. Forced ride on the hit list for hunters

vi. Restitution to be paid in blood to the offended party.

2. None of these punishments will be given for damage done to outsiders through this thread. This is for zX on zX issues.

3. If requested a vote by poll will be allowed in order to have a trial by jury.

4. Method of Judging the accused:

i. Each member involved will have ONE post to explain the situation. The offended party will go first. After this the alleged offender may reply. The offended has a closing argument at this point and the alleged offender may reply ONCE more.

ii The judging party (Leadership or Coven acting as jury) then replies through poll if using the jury method or simply with a verdict if Leadership is acting judge.

5. All punishments will be decided through vote via poll by the whole coven.